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A great fit for Time Doctor

Why this job

I’ve been supporting SaaS products for over a decade. I’ve done everything from testing, reporting, documenting, customer calls, chats, and emails; survey analysis, feature proposals, competitive research, working with courses, websites, stores, and everything in between.

I love testing software and talking with people to find new ideas, finding new ways to make things work, and generally improve productivity, find ways to collaborate or automate things to save time.

I’d be thrilled to bring all of my experience to support product managers, take on the tasks that would free them up to have more impact, while also being able to learn from them.

Why Time Doctor

I want to work for Time Doctor for two reasons: its culture and its product.

On the culture side we are a match. I am a fan of productivity and an advocate of remote work. I’ve been communicating remotely for many years now, and can adjust to either synchronous or asynchronous communication. I’ve also personally worked on the development of, Automattic’s internal solution for scheduling and tracking.

On the product side, I also deeply understand the need for tracking time and adherence through my work in support and division leadership. I’m a supporter of transparency, knowing what everyone is working on, and finding ways to improve. I believe in Time Doctor as a product, and I know I can make other people believe in it as well. To me, Time Doctor is the perfect intersection between productivity and the needs of a remote future.

Why me

I have the experience, and I’m already productive working remotely. I’d love for the next step in my journey to be fully focused on working with products.

  • I have worked with SaaS products and remote companies for nearly 10 years.
  • I have managed documentation, research, testing, proposals and launches of multiple products.
  • I can take on big projects and run with them, being able to take initiative on what matters most.
  • I like to create and bring new ideas, but also to analyze, compare, and iterate.
  • I’m a team player, and know how to be an effective individual contributor, lead, and project collaborator.
  • I’m a huge fan of products and software
  • I come from a support background and understand users as well as context of scaling products.
  • People generally like working with me.
  • I’m what some would call a T-shaped person, being quite the generalist and diving deep into specific areas over time.

Experience in testing and supporting multiple SaaS products

Supporting:,,, as well as general HTML/CSS/Design.
On top of support and product testing, I also helped grow the division to what it is today.
Spearheaded Automattic’s fist initiatives on webinars, courses, communities, and online (paid) events.
As a more tenured leader, I got the opportunity to lead the division last year, including other leads and the projects they work on.

Thrilled to support and help others

There are many different ways that I’ve supported people:

  • Support customers directly through chat, tickets, video, calls.
  • Supporting customers indirectly, through documentation or demos/webinars.
  • Supporting colleagues through training and hiring directly
  • Supporting colleagues indirectly through setting up procedures, internal documentation, or creating a training program.
  • Supporting team members through 1:1s, performance reviews, weekly meetings, and ongoing async/sync communcation
  • Supporting co-leads through project collaboration, async communication, and coaching newer leads.
  • Supporting leads (as a division lead) and working with 2 other division leads to oversee the whole support division.
  • Supporting product leads and dev leads through customer feedback, documentation, customer painpoints, public demos.
  • .. and so much more!

Always learning, growing, and teaching where I can

Over the years, I always make sure to learn new skills that support my work, or the people I work with.

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