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  • Writing is likely one of the biggest struggles for many people interested in the craft. What makes it so hard, and more importantly, what can you do to become an authentic writer?

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  • Over the years, technology has triumphed over the potential of the internet and personal computers. The world has perceived modernization within the workplace, leading to a wider scale of work from home. This has resulted in a reduction in office space, as well as the need for office workers to come into the office. Reading through the information and observing an expanding body of research explores the benefits of working from remote locations for both the employers and employees.

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  • The internet has not been here for more than a few decades but in these few decades, it has managed to revolutionize our lives. It has challenged the status quo in almost every aspect of life. You are no longer required to maintain records manually or communicate with people through traditional letters or to leave for work early in the morning every day. And every since 2020 and COVID-19, the trends keeps growing exponentially.

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