Productivity and Project Management in Remote Work: Why ClickUp Checks All The Boxes

Even after working remotely at Automattic for over 7 years, I was never able to find a great way to digitize my life and keep everything in one place. I’ve gone through using Todoist, Notion, Omnifocus, NotePlan, RoamResearch, and likely another hundred software since. I’ve tried everything out there from personal to-do apps to enterprise-level software solutions that I used at Automattic.

Since I’ve discovered ClickUp my search for the ultimate productivity and project management system is over. It truly covers every possible need I could think of and allows me to handle my personal life, work, project life, tracking habits, saving URLs in an accessible and searchable way, having multiple views on any aspect of life.

One really important aspect of any software or service I use is also the company culture itself. ClickUp impressed me here, too, given that their roadmap is completely public. The company frequently communicates about updates, allows customers to share direct product feedback, and so much more! More importantly, the company was also built working remotely, which is a great added bonus!

ClickUp features and highlights

You can find ClickUp’s full feature list here. It’s a really long list, but it does cover all your needs for teams and collaboration, sharing and documentation, tasks and project management, as well as databases and having multiple views.

It also supports various workflows including Epics, Sprints, Scrum/Agile development, and anything else you might imagine, given that the software is so flexible and you’re able to automate and adjust it to your own needs.

ClickUp offers multiple views for everything

Including lists, columns, box view, mind maps, calendar, and so much more!

List View
Kanban View
Box View
Calendar View

ClickUp allows you to inbox everything, easily

You’re able to save bookmarks, webpages, screenshots, recordings, tasks, projects, all from a single Chrome extension. You can even track your time and save new notes or documents directly.