Hi there 👋 I’m Daniel.

I’ve been working remotely since 2014, and it completely changed my perspective on so many things. I’m here to share with others how to navigate this new digital world.

My discovery of remote work has taken me across the world, allowed me to meet amazing people, taught me new skills I’d never anticipated, and created a much better and well-rounded life. Growing your knowledge and skill in any of these will inevitably help improve your life.

Finding my first remote job changed my life

I pretty much had to work multiple jobs since I was 15 years old, and I continued to do that through college. During one of the organizational psychology classes, my now colleague (@yoavf) came to talk to us about remote work. This was around the time when I had 3 jobs working as a nightguard, a waiter, and a website manager for a non-profit organization to pay for my degree and livelihood.

Learning about the benefits of remote work and how Automattic functions truly impressed me and just felt right. Working from home, not having to commute, having a flat organizational structure (which means the CEO is just a direct message away in Slack), choosing when you work without being micromanaged, and traveling to various countries to strategize with the team. All of that sounded amazing to me and would completely change my life.

A whole new world

After being accepted to Automattic, I’ve discovered a whole new world. The world of web development, travel, remote work, helping clients’ businesses, better financial literacy, having an incredible team and a supportive team lead, having resources for online courses and conferences, and being encouraged to develop oneself and become better.

Having lived this lifestyle for the last 8 years, I’m convinced that remote work is our future. It’s healthy both for the business and all individual employees and allows the best talent worldwide to find one another to create great things. I’m also convinced that remote work will continue to grow in the future and will continue to be our savior during natural disasters and pandemics, such as COVID-19.

This website represents what I’ve learned

There’s so much information out there, and I’m motivated to do my part and share what I’ve learned so it can help inspire others and improve your lives, just as it did for me. I’ll cover everything I know about remote work, leadership, financial literacy, building an online business, and anything else I find useful in this mission.

Welcome to my knowledge garden.

Lots more to come in the future!

Writing content takes time. Especially when there is so much out there that wants your attention. If you have ideas or suggestions for what you’d like to see, please reach out and let me know.

Follow along, and maybe you’ll be inspired to join the journey!

I enjoy talking to people. Feel free to reach out!

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