Types of Remote Work Software: What You Need To Know

When you start working remotely, you know that the most important things you need to work from home are a laptop and a stable internet connection. Although these are the most basic tools, they alone are not enough. Having an internet connection and a laptop is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more that you’d need if you want your remote working career to go smoothly.

Fortunately, the internet is a vast universe on its own and contains almost every solution to every problem any person in the world might ever face. In your case, the solution is the existence of hundreds, if not thousands, of remote working tools that can make your remote working experience easy, smooth, and uncomplicated.

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A Brief Overview of the History of Remote Work


The internet has not been here for more than a few decades but in these few decades, it has managed to revolutionize our lives. It has challenged the status quo in almost every aspect of life. You are no longer required to maintain records manually or communicate with people through traditional letters or to leave for work early in the morning every day.

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Remote Work Statistics [Updated to 2020]


Over the years, technology has triumphed over the potential of the internet and personal computers.  The world has perceived modernization within the workplace, leading to a wider scale of work from home.  This has resulted in a reduction in office space, as well as the need for office workers to come into the office.   Reading through the information and observing an expanding body of research explores the benefits of working from remote locations for both the employers and employees.

Many situations arising within the remote working area have revealed improvements in employee productivity.  Certain Chinese Travel websites have been experimenting through a call center application where they had volunteers working from home.  They had randomly selected the volunteers who were permitted to work from home, while the rest served at the control center within the office premises. 

During the experiment, the workers were allowed to work from home, given a specific target and it has been assured that they are more productive.  They are also highly satisfied with the way they have been able to not only provide for themselves but enhance the work that is being performed within the organization. 

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